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Apple A Day Electrolyte Sugar Free

Apple A Day Electrolyte Sugar Free

Apple-A-Day is a daily feed supplement formulated to replace lost electrolytes and promote healthy hydration in your horse. Apple-A-Day was the first apple-flavored electrolyte formulated without sugars, fillers, or artificial colors. Apple-A-Day can be added to your horse's feed daily to help prevent dehydration and aid in appetite and water consumption. Because this product does not contain unnecessary sugars, fillers, or artificial colors, the container lasts longer since you use less. Apple-A-Day has the following benefits for your horse:

Tasty apple flavor your horse will love
Replaces electrolytes lost through sweating, urination, and defecation
Safe for use in horses that are borderline overweight or have insulin resistance
100% Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back


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