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Silkie chickens are precisely as they appear funny, cuddly, soft feathers, and looking to be your friend.  If you're looking for an adorable, sweet-natured 'teddy bear' companion, this is the right breed. They are one of the friendliest chicken varieties and will appreciate your attention and company.  Their unique appearance also makes them a popular exhibition bird.   Silkie chicks can have clean faces or have a muff and beard. Most have a crest. For show, they need to have five black toes. Silkies are great garden girls.  You can plant brassicas (cabbage plants) in their run area.  The Silkies will keep the caterpillars and other pests at bay and fertilize the plants at the same time.  It is delightful to observe the hens drink the droplets of fresh morning dew from the leaves like nectar. Permaculture means solving problems naturally.  Spent bedding is a great addition to your compost pile adding much needed carbon, nitrogen and nutrients.


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