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Bulk Mealworm 4lb

Bulk Mealworm 4lb

High Protein Treats- Protein ratio for BSFL is approximately 41%, which is more than twice that of traditional chicken feed. Pamper your birds with the nutritious WORMSKING black soldier worms, you won’t regret it!
High in Calcium- BSFL has more calcium, around 80-85X mealworms, which can help hens lay eggs with stronger eggshells. For baby chicks, you can feed them with BSFL till they reach a few weeks old, and make sure that the worms are crushed or chopped so as for them to take in properly.
Boosts Immune System & Improves Health- The WORMSKING BSFL is rich in protein and other essential nutrients that will boost animal’s immune system and improve their health. Help chickens or birds re-grow feather quickly when they are going through molting.
Details- Net weight: 4 pounds. Shelf Life: 2 years. Packed in resealable bag. Store it somewhere that is dry. Recommended for: poultry, bird, reptile, hamster, pitcher plant, fish, hedgehogs.
Sustainable Feed:Black Soldier Fly Larvae are fed o


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