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Calf Bottle w/nipple

Calf Bottle w/nipple

4 Qt/L standard calf / milk bottle with a Milk bar revolution snap on nipple. Heaviest bottle in the industry.  Embossed grooves and contoured center provides easier handling. 

Milk Bar Revolution Snap On Nipple – A ground-breaking innovation for farms using bottle systems! This nipple has five slits positioned on a circle to control the flow no matter which way the bottle is placed. It’s extremely durable with a superior life span compared to any other bottle nipple. Calves drink at the right speed, produce lots of saliva and are very content after feeding.The nipple snaps onto bottles easily, thanks to the unique natural rubber formulation. It stays securely in place allowing you to carry full bottles by the nipple. Wash with a gentle detergent like dish washing liquid. 


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