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Chicken Soup for the Soul Kitten Sm Bag

Chicken Soup for the Soul Kitten Sm Bag

GREAT TASTING: Our Kitten food contains real chicken as the first ingredient for a healthy meal packed with high-quality protein
MADE WITH REAL INGREDIENTS: Our 4.5 pound bag of dry kitten food is made with real chicken, brown rice, veggies, fuit and herbs to fuel your cat's active lifestyle
NATURAL CAT FOOD: Our formula never contains by-product meals, artifical flavors or preservatives and is wheat free, corn free and soy free
SUPPORTS IMMUNE HEALTH: Our natural cat food supports immune health with antioxidants and superfoods like spinach and cranberries. Plus, it contains prebiotic fiber from dried chicory root for healthy digestion
SUPPORTS HEALTHY SKIN & COAT: Made with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat
SUPPORTS BRAIN DEVELOPMENT: Our dry kitten food contains DHA to promote your kitten's healthy brain development
CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL CAT FOOD: We keep it simple: delicious, healthy food from high quality ingredients made to be affordable.


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