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Fritz FritzZyme 9 Saltwater 8oz

Fritz FritzZyme 9 Saltwater 8oz

 Specialized Saltwater Nitrifying Bacteria: FritzZyme 9 is formulated with live, saltwater-specific strains of nitrifying bacteria, expertly designed to rapidly eliminate toxic levels of ammonia and nitrite in saltwater aquariums, thereby significantly reducing fish loss and promoting a healthy aquatic environment.
? Accelerates Biofilter Establishment: This product effectively seeds biofilters in new and existing saltwater systems, greatly shortening the natural cycle time. This allows for the safe and quick addition of livestock, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum enjoyment of your aquarium.
? Convenient and User-Friendly: With no refrigeration required and a one-year shelf life, FritzZyme 9 offers an easy-to-use solution for maintaining saltwater aquariums. It’s perfect for use after routine maintenance, water changes, adding new livestock, or during medication phases.
⭐ Proven Track Record in Aquatic Care: Backed by over 30 years of success, Fritz Aquatics is a pioneer and ind


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