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Ham Bone

Ham Bone

Country Kitchen Genuine Serrano Ham Bones for dogs are 100% natural, made from free range pork and dry-aged for a unique flavor your dog is sure to love. This bone is ideal for dogs 30 pounds and up. Our Ham Bones are not baked or processed like other ham bones, which is why ours have more meat compared to other brands. Serrano Ham bones are made in Spain using aging techniques passed down for generations. In our Country Kitchen, we're always "cookin up the good stuff"
Genuine Serrano 
Ham Bone from Spain 
100% Natural pork bone
Free Range
3 times stronger than oven baked bones
For dogs 30 pounds and up
Dog Bone, 
Pork Bone
Dog Treat
All Natural
Not suitable for puppies or dogs with sensitive stomachs


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