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Heated Pet Bowl

Heated Pet Bowl

Heated pet bowl keeps your pet's water or food from freezing during cold winter months allowing them to enjoy their healthy meal and maintain their good appetite
Heated animal water bowl that is constructed with exceptional thermostat control to automatically turn on when necessary and turn off when not in use to avoid overheating and unwanted accidents
Heated pet bowl made with heavy-duty anti-chew cord protector to stop your pet from chewing through the power cord, maintaining its original condition and ensuring your pet's safety at all times
Large heated water bowl can accommodate up to 1.5 Gallon of water allowing you to use the bowl for multiple pets, avoiding unnecessary costs and saving you extra money for other pet essentials
Made of durable plastic to protect from wear and tear and features 60 Watt power for fast and efficient heating; Heated water bowl measures 14 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 8 inches tall


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