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Kong Wubba Sm

Kong Wubba Sm

Multi-Use Toy: The KONG Wubba is a multiple-purpose dog toy that is perfect for interactive games, such as tug of war and fetch games. Not only does this toy provide much-needed mental stimulation for dogs, but supports important bonding time between you and your dog
Durable Materials: The KONG Wubba is covered in durable ballistic nylon that provides extra toughness, whilst its reinforced fabric and stitching keep it super long-lasting
Added Fun: This dog toy features squeakers for added engagement and enjoyment during playtime. It also has long floppy tails that make it even more exciting to tug and shake
Note: KONG Wubba is not suitable or intended to be used as a chew toy
Assorted Colors: Available in three different colors (Red, Blue, and Purple) and made in the USA using globally sourced materials. For large dogs


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