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Llama Pellets

Llama Pellets

FIELD AND FARM LlAMA AND ALPACA PELLETS: Field and Farm Llama and Alpaca pellets are made with optimal vitamins and nutrience for a balanced diet. Made with trusted ingredients protein to support energy levels.
QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST EVERY DAY: Optimum vitamins and minerals provide recommended nutrition for a balanced diet to llamas and alpacas. Made with only the highest-quality ingredients to support digestion and proper nutrition.
COMPLETE AND BALANCED NUTRITION: Field and Farm products are made from fresh, premium ingredients to provide a consistent diet in every bag.
ESSENTIAL NUTRITION: Field and Farm Llama and Alpaca Pellet provides a solid foundation and the fundamental building blocks to support proper growth and development. Quality ingredients and proven formulas help provide essential nutrition and performance you can trust.
UNCOMPROMISING VALUE: Ideal for those who love the small farm, backyard or outdoor lifestyle. A genuine, quality animal feed backed by a long-trusted le


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