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Mastitis Test Kit

Mastitis Test Kit

The California Mastitis Test Kit is a rapid cow-side test for early detection of bovine mastitis detection. Monitor milk quality and udder health. The test immediately detects elevated somatic cell counts (SCC), in bulk tank milk or within individual quarters, which includes mastitis. The CMT measures somatic cell counts through a special reagent in a four-chambered paddle. Using ImmuCell CMT at regular intervals and recording the results makes it possible to detect mastitis in the initial stages, as well as to identify individual quarters that have elevated SCC. Dilute CMT concentrate. Discard first stream of milk. Do not use colostrum, milk from fresh cows or samples after dry-off. Draw foremilk from each quarter into corresponding cup of testing paddle. Tilt testing paddle to discard excess milk until equal volumes remain in each cup.  May also be used to confirm negative quarters in the just-fresh/early-lactation period.  Remaining milk should be level with outside circle in the cu


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