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Nesting Box Triplex

Nesting Box Triplex

Offer your chickens a shelter that serves as a haven for both solitude and community, providing them with the necessary space for various aspects of their well-being
Wooden chicken coop features three individual 3 nesting boxes, offering a secure and comfortable space for your hens to lay eggs, ensuring a cozy and functional environment
Crafted from lightweight yet durable plywood, these nesting boxes for chickens boast a resilient design; Ensuring both longevity and practicality, they provide a secure space for your hens to lay eggs
Pre-drilled frame with counter-sunk holes streamlines installation for your large chicken coop, making the process quick and hassle-free for your convenience
Item's dimensions 36 inches long by 12 inches wide and 12 inches high along with its weight of 10.5 pounds make it lightweight and portable for a variety of uses


    Steve's Pet Shop

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