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No Hide Salm Sm

No Hide Salm Sm

Keep your furry friend blissfully busy with Earth Animal No-Hide Small Rolls Long Lasting Natural Rawhide Alternative Salmon Recipe Chew Dog Treats! Made with simple and wholesome ingredients, these rawhide-free chews are nutritious, mind-blowingly tasty and designed to last longer than regular treats. Each chew is crafted in the USA using wild-caught salmon and is easily digestible. They contain no rawhide, bleach, synthetics or artificial preservatives. For good and tasty fun, try Earth Animal No-Hide Chews!

Made in the USA using simple, wholesome and highly digestible ingredients, including wild-caught salmon.
Paw-fect for small dogs weighing 10–39 pounds.
Limited-ingredient, rolled hard chews made without synthetic chemicals, additives, bleaches or formaldehydes.
This gnaw-some rawhide and bully stick alternative features the drool-worthy texture your pal loves, but softens and breaks down as they chew.
100% rawhide-free chews offer long-lasting entertainment while promoting healt


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