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Nulo Perfect Purees Chicken & Salmon

Nulo Perfect Purees Chicken & Salmon

CHICKEN & SALMON RECIPE - Premium cat treats with a high-moisture content to promote your feline friend's hydration throughout the day. Pack of 48, 0.5 Oz each.
HELPS MAINTAIN A HEALTHY DIGESTIVE SYSTEM - Our unique recipe includes Inulin for prebiotic fibers which contribute to a healthy digestive system. This cat snack, suitable for all ages, is a treat with a nutritious reward.
KEEPS CATS HYDRATED - Our premium cat treats, with a high-moisture content, may help your feline friend with hydration throughout the day. Serve them directly from the pouch as enrichment or use them as a topper to their dry food.
RICH IN FLAVOR AND LOW IN CALORIES - These lickable cat treats are a flavorful way to reward your four-legged friend for a job well done. Nulo Freestyle, where nutrition meets flavor and enriches the lives of cats and cat lovers all over the world.
NULO'S PROMISE - No corn, wheat gluten, soy or artificial preservatives, colors and flavoring. That’s our promise to you.


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