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Orchard Hay

Orchard Hay

Hand-Selected Orchard Grass Hay - We hand-pack each box in small batches to ensure only the highest quality 100% US-grown orchard grass hay arrives at your door. Orchard hay is a great alternative for owners with Timothy hay allergies who still want to make sure that their small pets get everything they need without the sneezing.
Tasty Addition to your Hay Rotation - We all like a little variety in our meals and our pets do too. Mix up their standard fare with a soft, delectable treat that includes lots of munchable grass hay with very little stem or seed head. Each delivery of premium Orchard hay for rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas includes a great mix of protein, fiber and fat to keep them healthy with a low amount of dust.
Earth-Friendly Packaging - As small animal owners, we know the importance of packing delicious snacks in safe ways for our small animal companions. No compression packing here that damages hay integrity, each package is shipped in a high-strength corrugated 


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