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Organic Starter Small Bulk Bag 1

Organic Starter Small Bulk Bag 1

100% GOTS certified cotton
CERTIFIED GOTS ORGANIC COTTON: Plastic-free and zero-waste. Close knit specifically designed to hold large bulk items such as confectionary sugar or flour.
DRAWSTRINGS: Strong and durable drawstrings that will not break. Pull the two ends and tie a bow to prevent your food from falling out.
UNBREAKABLE & COMPACT: Will not break unlike the Mason jar and can be folded to carry.
FLAT BOTTOM: Easier to fill than a mason jar or the average bulk bag because of its large opening and its ability to stand on its bottom. No seam in the middle of the bottom which makes the bag fall to either side when filling it up.
TARE WEIGHT: Indicated on the bag to make it easy to deduct its weight at the bulk food store. The tare weight is 16 g / 0.6 oz.


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