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Pigeon Grit

Pigeon Grit

A High calcium product fortified with micro elements, vitamins, and iron oxide. Pigeon Grit can be fed to all species and classes of pigeons to aid in eggshell quality and is necessary when feeding a grain based diet. In addition, it will promote proper feed digestion.Pigeons need a constant source of grit in order to digest grains. Pigeon grit differs from chicken grit. If you feed pellets, you do not need grit. Chicken or Parakeet grit might be too small. Pick Pots and Pick Stones are an alternative to red grit Ingredients: Phosphorous, Magnesium, Potassium and Sulfur Sources. Fortified with micro elements and vitamins, anise extract and iron oxide. Calcuim18% min - 23% max Red Pigeon Grit 10 LBS.


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