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PN Starter MED 50lb

PN Starter MED 50lb

Greatness starts on day one. Purina® Start & Grow® chicken feed helps your chicks develop into happy hens. Raise chicks from day one to week 18 when they're ready to start laying, with feed that offers unique nutrients chicks need to grow healthy and strong. This means all the nutrients baby chicks need are included in the bag, no need to supplement.

Prebiotics and probiotics - Supports immune and digestive health
A Chick Strong™ Feed - Complete and balanced recipe with the optimal combination of the 38 required nutrients chicks need to grow at a proper pace, no supplements required
Essential amino acids - Contains 18% protein and is enhanced with lysine and methionine to support muscle and skeletal development
Added marigold extract - For brightly colored beaks and bright plumage
Vitamins A, B, D, E and K - Help chicks grow into healthy adult birds


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