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Purp Sunflower Feeder

Purp Sunflower Feeder

SUNFLOWER BIRD FEEDER GARDEN STAKE: Attract birds to your outside garden area and add enchanting illumination to your yard with our Solar Sunflower Landscape Lighting. Our solar flowers feature a stylish sunflower design with meticulously crafted hand painted glass LED petals on top of a metal stake, and feature a metal mesh bird feed basket to attract birds, making this yard art garden decor a great gift for bird enthusiasts and as a way to illuminate any patio, walkway, or pathway area
EVERLASTING GLOW: Our solar garden stake lighting is powered with 9 LED lights which provide breathtaking illumination as the sun sets and dusk settles in; our landscaping stakes automatically light up at dusk and are great for adding beautiful accent lighting to your garden plants, patio, deck, porch, yard or path way area **Requires 24 hours of direct sunlight upon first installation**
BUILT TO LAST: Our decorative flower stakes are constructed with beautiful and intricate glass and metal materials, 


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