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Select Grass 12lb

Select Grass 12lb

Select the Best Select Grass Grass hay, grass hay blends, and pasture are typically low in calcium and somewhat deficient in phosphorus, often leaving your horse with nutritional needs. Select Grass is specially formulated to complete and balance diets consisting of grass hay or grass hay blends. It provides all the key amino acids, Zinpro trace minerals, vitamins, and Yea-Sacc digestive support, along with the addition of adequate levels of calcium and phosphorus that may be lacking in a grass hay-based feeding program. Features: Advanced formula customized to balance grass hay, grass hay blends, and grass pasture-based diets Palatable pelleted formula Contains Zinpro trace mineral complexes, known to have better absorption Yea-Sacc helps to stimulate and stabilize microbial function, supporting proper digestion of calcium and phosphorus Item Specifications: Active Ingredients Per Serving: Crude Protein: 11% Crude Fat: 5.0% Crude Fiber: 11.5% Saccharomyces Cerevusiae: 25 billion CFU/l


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