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Sheep loose minerals

Sheep loose minerals

HEALTHY COPPER LEVELS Redmond Sheep Mineral provides your flock with the essential minerals they need and is fortified with vitamins A, D, & E. Sheep Mineral also contains safe, naturally occurring, minimal levels of copper that is essential for bone formation, wool growth, immune health, nerve function, and more. In addition, the sulfur, zinc, and iron in Redmond Sheep Mineral work together to help regulate healthy copper absorption.
NO FILLERS, NO FUNNY STUFF Don't pay for fillers your sheep don't need. Other mineral mixes are not palatable without process grain byproducts or molasses to entice consumption. Redmond Sheep Mineral delivers minerals just as nature intended. They love it, and you will love the results.
MORE RESULTS Want to see even more amazing results from your mineral program? Offer your sheep 0.5 - 1 ounce per head daily ration of Redmond Conditioner. This Conditioner comes from the volcanic clay found on top of our mineral deposit.
How to Feed Provide Redmond Sheep M


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