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Solid Gold Fish Blend 24#

Solid Gold Fish Blend 24#

There are many reasons to feed your dog this nutrient rich dry dog food - a search for a healthier lifestyle, those few pounds added, and a lot of birthdays celebrated. Reclaim your dog's glory days with a healthy dog food that’s rich in nutrients with appropriate levels of the minerals they need less of at this stage of the game. Specially formulated for less active adult and senior dogs, this healthy blend of ocean fish meal, flaxseed, cranberries, blueberries, thyme and lentils is a delicious and satisfying combination your dog will love. Low calorie and low fat, your dog can love this food without worry about it showing on the waistline. Watch them strut their inner gold and show the world the best they can be!

-Natural, holistic dry dog food with added vitamin, minerals and amino acid - ideal for less active, adult/senior dogs -*Controlled levels of calcium, phosphorus and sodium.
-A healthy and delicious, oatmeal, pearled barley & ocean fish meal formula to deliver the ideal amo


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