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Still Air Incubator

Still Air Incubator

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - This incubator is made of durable, warmth-retaining styrofoam, and it includes an LCD display with LED light that shows accurate readings instantly.
DIGITAL BOARD - This incubator includes a digital control board for easy, one-touch temperature setting, which includes self-regulating temperature control. The incubator holds set temperature within one degree.
HUMIDITY CONTROL - The built-in digital hygrometer measures humidity in the incubator. The accessible water channels reduce humidity loss to improve hatch rates.
SAFE FOR ALL - The redesigned plastic heater is cooler to the touch than traditional metal heating elements and the mesh plastic screen has no sharp edges for both human and chick safety.
41 EGG CAPACITY - This incubator holds 41 large chicken eggs or up to 120 bantam or quail eggs when used with the Little Giant Automatic Egg Turner.


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