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Terrarium Starter Kit

Terrarium Starter Kit

TERRARIUM KIT FOR KIDS: Discover the wonder of nature and science with the Creativity for Kids Grow 'N Glow Terrarium! This kids science kit is fun and engaging. This STEM project for kids ages 6-8+ allows you to craft, plant, water, and grow your own mini ecosystem. Just add water to discover a unique educational science experience!
EDUCATIONAL SCIENCE KITS: Includes everything a young botanist needs to plant and grow their terrarium twice! The complete science and arts and crafts kit for kids ages 4-6+ features a plastic terrarium jar, potting mix (vermiculite), plenty of quick-growing organic chia and wheatgrass seeds, glow-in-the-dark forest figurines, and more!
STEM PROJECTS FOR KIDS: Grow by day, and glow at night! Make your terrarium kit for kids one-of-a-kind with colorful sand, star and constellation stickers that glow in the dark at night. Hold your terrarium up to the light and watch it GLOW! This terrarium kit is the ultimate gift for 5 year old boys and girls


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