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TropiClean Fresh Breath 16oz

TropiClean Fresh Breath 16oz

FRESH BREATH — Get rid of puppy bad breath with our puppy water additive in 14 days or less, while defending against plaque, tartar & bad breath-causing bacteria for a healthier mouth.
PUPPY DENTAL CARE — Dog teeth cleaning water additive is formulated with safe & gentle ingredients to defend against plaque, tartar & bad breath-causing bacteria.
NO BRUSHING — Breath freshener for dogs water is as easy as measure & pour! Carefully measure 1/2 capful of the water additive to 8 oz. of clean water, twice daily.
HAPPY & HEALTHY — Puppies with sensitive stomachs or new to Fresh Breath for Puppies should start with 1/2 the recommended dose. Fresh dog breath results in 14 days or less when the directed dosage is reached.
CRAFTED WITH CARE — Our pet-parent approved dog dental care water additive is free from sulfates, bleach, paraben, dye & taste for a healthier mouth.
TROPICLEAN — Complete your routine dental care for small dogs with other Fresh Breath bad dog breath products like our puppy to


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